"Where Paradise is Just a Howl Away"

The Crate


Crate training is essential if you can't be with your pup all the time. Wolfdogs suffer more then any other breed from separation anxiety.  They are pack animals and they want to be with their alpha. Without their leader, they become nervous and they panic. A panicked wolfdog can wreck havoc on your house and furniture! But because a nervous pup likes to hide in a 'den' they are pretty easy to crate-train.



Your pups' crate will be his "safe place". When he gets into trouble and is disciplined, he will skulk off to his crate and think about what he's done. He will sleep in his crate when he wants to be alone, and he will hide in it when he's scared.


To crate-train your wolfdog pup, keep his food and water dishes close to his crate and put his toys in there when he's not playing with them. He will learn very quickly that his crate is his safe place; his den, if you will; and he will never be reluctant to go inside. Don't forget to give him lots of praise when he goes inside on command. If you will be gone for a few hours, give him a bone or rawhide in there, to keep his mind and teeth occupied.


Some high-content wolfdogs won't stand being crated for a long amount of time.


I personally prefer that wolfdogs have someone with them at all times, as they will feel far more comfortable with another pack-mate then they would by themselves.





I don't care what content your wolfdog is, I don't care what he's mixed with, you never, never, never leave your wolfdog free in the house by himself.


This is part of wolfdog ownership.


They can't be left alone. Even if your wolfdog is crate trained, he can only be left alone for so long before he breaks out and wrecks havoc on the house.



If you are going away for a long time, you MUST have a babysitter that your wolfdog knows, trusts and respects.