"Where Paradise is Just a Howl Away"


Wolfdogs dig holes.

This is a natural behavior that most if not all wolfdogs will exhibit. To try and stop the digging is not only futile, but ultimately a cruel attempt to stifle a perfectly natural behavior.

Wolves dig to create shelter in the dirt or snow. This shelter is called a den. Even if you provide your wolfdog with a doghouse or some other form of shelter, he will still dig; usually under the provided shelter.

Digging also helps keep claws at an appropriate length. I've known many, many wolfdogs who absolutely refuse to have their claws clipped. That's not to say that some won't object to it, but most of the time, they really prefer to keep their claws trim themselves by digging.

Expect lows and mids to dig potholes around the yard. This is just a part of wolfdog ownership, and unless you have your yard completely concreted, you have to expect this.

Digging at the fence-line, however, should be corrected. As I've explained in my previous pages, wolfdogs are wonderful at understanding human speech. Explain to your wolfdog that digging at the fence-line is not okay.

If you suspect digging at the fence-line, supervise your wolfdog while he is outside (this should be done anyway) and correct the undesirable behavior with either a loud clap or 'The Sound'(refer to my Leash Training page). Do this every time your wolfdog tries to dig at the fence line.

If he tries to dig in the center of the yard, ignore him. This way, he understands that certain areas in the yard are okay to dig in, but others are not.

If your wolfdog persists to dig at the fence line, rake up his droppings and shovel them into the holes along the fence line. Most wolfdogs will not dig in their own poop. Depending on your wolfdogs' diet, you may need to replace the decomposed droppings as frequently as necessary with fresh ones to keep your wolfdog from working that hole; the droppings of a wolfdog on a raw or B.A.R.F. diet will decompose at a faster rate than the droppings of a wolfdog on a diet of cheap dog food.

You will occasionally get the 'gross' wolfdog who won't mind digging in his own poop. One with such an ambitious wolfdog may need to resort to lining the fence line with concrete at least 4 feet below ground level, or burying the fencing at least 4 feet below ground level.

The only real sure-fire way to prevent digging of any kind is to either lay concrete along the entire ground of the wolfdog's yard or enclosure, or fence the bottom of the yard or enclosure.

But I believe you should always leave a small spot in the center of the yard or enclosure so your wolfdog can still relieve the natural behavior of digging.

A very high-content or pure wolf should NEVER be left unsupervised in an insecure yard. Such lupine animals require a secure enclosure, even those who have been extensively socialized. This will assure your animal doesn't escape and cause harm to himself, neighboring pets or get himself shot.