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Animals of Obvious Wolf Content




Mid-Contents have the widest variety of physical features and behaviors of all the other contents; some mids will look and act more like a dog (low-mids pictured on the previous page) while others may look and act more like a wolf, as pictured below. Because of this variety, some mid-content wolfdogs often get misrepresented as lows or wolf-like dogs. 

Disregarding wolf content in an animal who has very recent wolf heritage but doesn't show it is another dangerous form of misrepresentation. 

Mislabeling a wolfy-looking mid content as a higher content is also erroneous.

Some mid-contents will cycle like a dog---every 6-8 months; some mid-contents cycle like a wolf---only once per year.

Pictured Above:

Various solid mid contents of known lineages (from doggiest to wolfiest). 

Notice how some appear more lupine in appearance while others are distinctly doggier.


Upper Mids



Upper-Mid Content wolfdogs should resemble wolves far more than dogs; they also have a much higher likelihood of having very similar biological functions of the wolf. Most upper-mid contents will only heat once per year (there will always be that unusual exception). While pure wolves and very high contents heat at the end of winter to produce a spring litter, many upper-mids will heat earlier than that; often in fall; for a winter litter. Both genders are usually sexually mature between 1-2 years of age.

Physically, there should be few visible dog traits; a common dog trait seen in upper-mids are ears that are taller, thinner, pointier and less furred than that of a true high-content. Of course, such characteristics vary in each individual animal, depending on what breed of dog[s] used in the cross, what specie of wolf[ves] was used in the cross, and what genes decided to express themselves.

Behaviorally, upper-mids can be skittish and frightful of new people if not properly socialized at a young age (but then again, ANY breed of dog can be like that if they aren't socialized well). Many upper-mids are quite trainable, can learn to be very friendly, and can roam in a very large enclosure without becoming too independent. Some however, will act more wolfy and may have to be treated as a high content.

Due to their very wolf-like appearance and nature, many upper-mid contents are usually mistaken for/represented as high contents.

Pictured Above:

Upper-Mid Contents of various crosses. Note how all of them, regardless of specific breed cross, resemble wolves more than they do dogs.

A well bred upper-mid content should look like a wolf with a few doggy features.

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