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Potty Training Your New Puppy


 To potty-train your pup, show him the mistake he made on the floor, point to it, tell your pup NO in a firm voice, then take him to the door and place his paws on the door and say 'This is where you make! Outside!'---wolfdogs are masters at understanding human speech, believe it or not.



Talk to your pup and explain to him exactly what he did wrong and show him how to do it right through firm [but not aggressive] direction. Do this as often as needed.


Quick Tip: To help eliminate nighttime accidents, take your pup's water and food away every night at 8:00pm. You can leave his water dish out longer the older he gets, but we recommend taking it away by 8 every night until he's at least 3 months old, or until he's able to go all night without having an accident on the floor.


Always praise your pup when he goes potty outside, especially if it's apparent that he's been holding it in and waiting until he's let out (this action should be rewarded with many hugs, kisses and treats--don't forget to tell you're pup why he's being rewarded!)