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The following states are NOT wolfdog legal

(it is illegal to own a wolfdog in these states)








New York


Rhode Island


I don't care how many "important" people you know, how qualified you are or how well you can keep a secret. 

If you live in one of the above mentioned states, I will NOT sell you a wolfdog.

We're glad you came to us about wolfdog info!

"Wolfdogs are vicious killers that will turn on their master at any time..."

"Wolfdogs can't be around children; they see them as prey..."

"Wolfdogs are confused, unpredictable animals that shouldn't be bred at all..."

I see those comments all the time on websites and I hear them all the time in stores. Sadly, many people have nothing but negative things to say about wolfdogs. All they come into contact with day after day are the stories about the rejects and mistreated animals who are the result of bad training and ill-prepared owners.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't care to be educated, and will indignantly shake their heads at your attempt to teach them the truth. They enjoy being ignorant; they enjoy casting undeserved hatred. These people eagerly cling to the fairy-tales and horror stories of 'the wolfdog gone bad' and have no interest in the fact that most of these stories are either untrue or have a very good explanation behind it (such as an uneducated owner, a poorly socialized wolfdog, or just a wolfy-looking dog acting out.)

I hope that the following pages will help more people understand the wolfdog and maybe even change a few negative views on these wonderful companions.

You may check out any of the following sub-pages for detailed information.





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